Personal Training Services

Fitness Assessments- Free!

If you are interested in personal training Boynton Coaching offers a chance to work with a personal trainer free of charge. During our hour long Fitness Assessment we will evaluate your fitness level and discuss your fitness goals- free of charge! Contact Boynton Coaching today to schedule your session.

Personal Training- $75 per session or $825 for 12 sessions.

Personal training is a great way to get the guidance and motivation you need to help reach your fitness goals. Boynton Coaching’s competitive personal training rates make it easy for individuals to get on track and start living healthier lives. All individuals receiving personal training also get custom weekly workout plans to help guide their progress. No gym membership is required. Contact us today for your free fitness assessment and to start personal training!

Online Training- $195 per month.

Boynton Coaching also offers online personal training for individuals who are simply looking for a weekly exercise plan and some extra motivation. Online training also includes a weekly phone call with a personal trainer to discuss your fitness progress. This allows for the building of a dynamic workout plan well suited to your schedule and goals.


“When I joined a gym about 10 months ago, I had the opportunity to have a free session with a personal trainer. I am so glad I did that because from the moment I met Jason, I knew he was what I needed. Jason learned what motivates me to exercise and push myself (and what doesn’t!) and incorporates that into each session we have. When I hit a plateau he knew just what to do to ramp up my weight loss and it has worked great! I haven’t had my clothes fit this well in years and I actually like the way I look now! This newfound confidence also shines through in other aspects of my life. I love the results I have seen working with Jason and am so grateful to have him as a trainer!”
Teri Raffel

“Jason clearly explained the process of achieving my personal fitness goals from a physiological “input equals output” perspective. At the start, I provided my goals and expectations to Jason and he provided me with a 12 month macro plan and a weekly changing activity plan for both training days and non-training days tailored to my personal needs. Jason’s training / coaching methods are not the stereotypical “jock yelling expletives” but an aggressive goal oriented approach with the occasional push to insure that my maximum fitness potential is achieved. I am thoroughly satisfied with Jason’s approach to physical fitness and his genuine desire to help me achieve my personal fitness goals.”
Shane O’Connor