Starting at US$195 per month with no start up fees.

Hiring a coach has been proven to be the best way to increase performance. With Boynton Coaching’s highly competitive rates working with a professional coach becomes even more appealing. Contact Boynton Coaching today to start reaching your performance goals!

Coaching Level Bronze Silver Gold

Monthly Fee

$195 $275 $395

Start-up Fee


Phone Calls To Coach

1/month every other week 1-2/week

Emails To Coach

2/month 4/month 8/month

Online Workouts

Yes Yes Yes

Online Training Log

Yes Yes Yes

Daily Workout Emails

Yes Yes Yes

Power Based Training

Advanced Advanced Advanced

Power Data Review

Weekly 2x Weekly Daily

Field Tests

No Initial Every 6-8 weeks

Ride With Coach

No 6/year (local) Monthly (local)

Machinery Row Bicycles

15% off parts and accessories

Speed Cycling

10% off classes

Perfect Circle Cycling

15% off fittings

Note: pricing matrix denotes the minimal amount of service per pricing category.

Consultations- $65 per hour (1 hour minimum).

Often times athletes reach a plateau in their training and need a little extra advice and guidance in order to get back on the right track. Boynton Coaching offers consultation sessions in order to help athletes overcome issues they might have with their training. The cost of an initial consultation is waived if coaching services are purchased. Contact Boynton Coaching and get yourself on the winning track!

*inquire about our student rates for all coaching services.