2015 ACSM Annual Meeting Cycling Science Meet-up

Coaches Jason Boynton M.S. and Sean Burke M.S. are organizing a cycling science meet-up group at this year’s American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting. This will be occurring 5/27/2015 from 5:30-7:30 pm in San Diego, CA at the San Diego Convention Center.

The purpose of this meeting is to have cycling science researchers meet with each other and with practitioners (e.g. cycling coaches).

Individuals who will be already in attendance at the conference and have an interest in cycling science are strongly encouraged to attend. Cyclists, coaches, and cycling enthusiasts in the San Diego area are also welcome to attend.

If you are a researcher in the field and would like to talk about research that deals with cycling that you have done or are currently doing, please email Jason at jason@boyntoncoaching.com

CEUs will be awarded to certified USA Cycling coaches who attend this event.

Attendance is FREE for both conference attendees and the interested outside public, but donations from individuals are welcome. This will help with the cost of the event. If you would like to help fiscally with this event please email Jason at jason@boyntoncoaching.com.

Check out the Facebook event for more details.

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Coach Boynton in Businessweek

Recently a writer from Bloomberg Business called Jason for an interview. The topic they discussed was how women in New York were using cycling embrocation creams in place of tights during this year’s harsh winter. No, this is not a joke. Check out the full article here.1200x-1

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Boynton Coaching is Moving to Australia!

A few months ago Coach Boynton was offered an international scholarship for a PhD program at Edith Cowan University in Perth WA, Australia. He has since accepted the offer and will be leaving the U.S. July 7th, 2015 to attend the program for the next 3 years. His research will involve working with competitive endurance athletes; primarily cyclists. His hope is to work with athletes, coaches, and sports scientists across Australia and other parts of the world.

Boynton Coaching will continue as a business. Athletes in the U.S. will be coached from abroad while Jason works on his studies in Perth. Anything lost in face-to-face time will hopefully be gained back tenfold by having a coach immersed in one of the best cycling specific sports science programs on the planet.

The hope is that Coach Boynton will return to the U.S. once or twice a year in order to keep in touch with family, friends, and his athletes.

This is a long time dream and passion for Coach Boynton. Thanks to all the people who have helped make this happen!

For more info about Jason’s upcoming program click here.

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2013-2014 Coaching CEU Report

All USA Cycling certified coaches are required to continue their education during the course of their certification. They do this through an array of different ways; some “active” and others more “passive”. Active methods include writing articles or giving presentations. Passive methods might include watching approved webinars, or attending conferences and clinics. In order to quantify this process coaches earn continuing education units (CEUs) for their efforts. USA Cycling encourages their coaches to earn at least 40 CEUs every two years. Coaches who do not meet this requirement are penalized at the time of their certification renewal.

Coach Boynton has always been driven to continue his education and increase his knowledge in order to help his athletes perform the best they can. Whether it is being formally educated in a university setting, doing scientific research, or traveling around the country to attend and/or present at conferences and clinics, it’s all for the goal of increasing endurance athlete performance.

In the last two years Coach Boynton has earned 142 CEUs! That is 255% more than is required by USA Cycling! If you want to see what Jason has been learning about these past two years you can check out the report below.

Presentations by Coach Boynton
4 CEU- USA Cycling Webinar: Skepticism in Cycling- A Modality for an Improved Sport
4 CEU- USA Cycling Webinar: A Critical Analysis of Anti-Oxidants in Recovery Supplements
4 CEU- USA Cycling Webinar: A Critical Analysis of Blood Lactate Testing
4 CEU- USA Cycling Webinar: A Critical Analysis of Compression Garments
2 CEU- ACSM Annual Meeting Presentation: Beet Shot Supplements to Improve Endurance Performance in Cyclists and Runners

Articles Written by Coach Boynton
2.5 CEU- Categorizing Power Users Blog published on Training Peaks
2.5 CEU- Busting the Big Lungs Myth Blog published on Training Peaks & USAC
2.5 CEU- Exercise Metabolism Blog published on Training Peaks
2.5 CEU- The Last List Blog published by Training Peaks, Cycling Australia, & USAC

Conferences and Clinics Attended
40 CEU- USA Cycling Level 1 Coaching Clinic
15 CEU- 2013 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting
15 CEU- 2014 American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting
3 CEU- 2014 UWSMPH Bioethics Symposium: Ethical Controversies in Sport

Online Courses
15 CEU- Stanford Environmental Physiology Course
3 CEU- Safe Sport

Viewed Webinars and DVDs
20 CEU- USA Cycling 2012 Coaching Summit DVD (viewed in 2013)
1 CEU- Training Peaks WKO+ Webinar W/ Hunter Allen
2 CEU- Sports Drink Hydration Webinar W/ Staci Sims
1 CEU- WKO+ 4 Webinar #2
1 CEU- WKO+ 4 Webinar #4
1 CEU- Peaks Coaching Group BeetElite Webinar


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How to Apply Science to Your Cycling

Listen to Coach Boynton explain how to apply science to your cycling in this episode of the Semi-Pro Podcast.

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Exercise Metabolism for Cyclists on TrainingPeaks

TrainingPeaks recently posted an updated version of Coach Boynton’s blog entitled Knowing Your Bioenergetic Systems and how They Relate to Cycling. Read it here.

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“Finding Truth” featured on the Semi-Pro Cycling Podcast

Coach Boynton’s Finding Truth in Endurance Sport presentation was discussed in a recent Semi-Pro Cycling podcast. Check it out!

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The ACSM Annual Meeting 2014

This year’s American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting was an awesome experience. Coach Boynton wrote a little blog about it for the ACSM website. You can check it out here.

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Video Presentation: Finding Truth In Endurance Sport

Exercise physiologist and endurance coach Jason Boynton leads us through an introductory presentation of how to approach our sport critically.

Abstract: Athletes who participate in endurance sports are constantly bombarded by claims that one thing or another will improve their performance. Certainly all of the claims we hear cannot be true, so the discussion becomes how do we evaluate the claims about nutrition, training, recovery, and technology in our sport. Making correct determinations in regards to these claims can potentially increase performance by allowing us to utilize what works while at the same time saving time and money by bypassing things that don’t. This talk was adapted from a USA Cycling webinar entitled: Applied Skepticism in Cycling: A Modality for an Improved Sport.

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USAC Webinars Done!

Since the middle of September I have been working hard on four webinars that I ended up presenting for USA Cycling. These webinars were presented every two weeks starting October 3rd. I’m happy to announce I’m finished with these webinars having presented the last one last Thursday while at the USAC level 1 clinic. I learned a lot from the experience and it really gave me a chance to further develop my coaching philosophy.

The four webinars started with an introductory presentation that discussed skepticism, critical thinking, and science as it applies to coaching. The three webinars that followed critically analyzed different aspects of cycling nutrition, testing, and recovery. More specifically these topics were: antioxidants in recovery supplements, blood lactate testing for cyclists, and compression garments as a recovery modality for cyclists. The general idea for all these presentations was to bust popular myths associated with the topics by looking at the available science and thinking about it critically.

For certified USA Cycling coaches these webinars are available in recorded form on the USA Cycling website. For individuals who are not a USAC certified coach and don’t have access to the webinars, and would like to get the low down on the topics presented, you can either contact me directly or wait until these topics get presented in a blog format. I’d be more than happy to present these topics again to a captive audience!

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