My mistake means savings for new clients.

To start off I’ve got to say in life I’ve found you really need to be able to laugh at yourself and turn lemons into lemonade. A couple of months ago I had some business cards printed up so I could promote my coaching and personal training business more formally. I handed these cards out to potential clients and left them at places of business for people to pick-up. Well, two months and two hundred cards later, a glaring mistake on the cards was pointed out to me. Oh boy, I thought, time to get new cards printed up. The “oh boy” was also accompanied by a sinking feeling in my gut that a lot of potential clients were walking around with these cards in their possession. Some of them may have noticed the mistake on the cards, some of them may have not. Either way I felt bit like a meathead.
Which brings me to this promotion I’m offering to anyone that has one of my old business cards in their possession. If you have one of my business cards with red trim on it turn it in for any one of the specials listed below. Limit one card per person. Boynton Coaching reserves the right to end this promotion at anytime, so don’t delay!

Pick any of these deals when you turn in a red trimmed business card:
-Half price on your first month of coaching!
-Half price on your first month of online personal training!
-3 personal training sessions for $100 including your free fitness assessment!
-Training plans for $50 dollars per month including your free consultation!

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