Welcome to the Boynton “Financial Institute”

Oh hey there, looks like you’ve stumbled across the Active Blog’s first entry.  Welcome, come in.  Take your shoes off.  There is seating up here near the front…

Here I am blogging again after a long hiatus from the art.  In my past blogging life I used to write a technical blog about coaching cyclists (and actually hope to write another technical blog about cycling again someday… its in the works…), then grad school happened and I abandoned blogging altogether for the pursuit of academic bliss.  I’m still pursuing academic bliss, but the need to blog has once again crept back into my life.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of writing a blog about physical activity for a few months now.  The idea came to me in the dead of winter, a time when the levels of most peoples’ sedentary time tend to increase.   I’ve been a fairly active person for the past 12 years and about 5 years ago I started instilling a “pay myself first” attitude towards fitness and training.  This, simply put, means I treat my fitness like one would treat good money management.  Everyday you are given a check for hours in the day.  If you want to stay fit you have to allot time for yourself before it is spent on something else.  You have to pay yourself first.  This blog is about what I do when I pay myself first.  I hope it entertains and inspires you.




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